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Service Agreement

Consumer Rights

This contract signatory (reservation owner and the owner booked together) reservation (recording) from the date covers the period up to the end date of the stay. Law on the below qualifications and sales price of the sale and the related performance of 4077 on Consumer Protection specified service - Distance Contracts Application Procedures and Rules of the parties in accordance with Regulation on the Principles covers the rights and obligations.



a- Booking owner, the nature of contract service, sales price and all preliminary information relating to the payment of performance information that it has read and agrees to provide the necessary approval.

b- ANKOSLink is responsible to contract services with reservation due to defective.

c- After the service execution consumers of way caused by the ANKOSLink 's flaws credit card unauthorized unfair or about the cause of the use of unlawfully bank or financial institution service cost the agency to own reservation fails to pay, are responsible for the service costs and damages.


Check-in date from the 7 (seven) days prior to the cancellation of the accommodation price will not be refunded. Date of entry of the cancellation within day all charged is as no-show fee.


a- Final registration is done by taking 100% of the cost of accommodation when booking. Failure to come to the hotel the day of booking clients deemed to have waived to attend. Cancellation terms and conditions apply.
b- The arrival and 7 days prior to the date of cancellation will not be refunded the price paid in the case. Withdrawal as compensation will be billed to the consumer.


Any case in ANKOSLink to cancel the booking for reasons of force majeure like strikes, terrorism etc., all fees paid will be refunded in case of cancellation of the reservation.