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From Antalya: Termessos And Karain Cave Tour 

Price: Per Person 40 Euro

Termessos And Karain Cave Tour

The ancient city of termessos, located 30 kilometers Northwest of Antalya. Average height from the sea 200 meters from the surrounding travertine Mountains of Antalya 1,665 metres altitude, on top of Mount Güllük is built on a natural platform. Termessos, peaceful and untouched appearance of other ancient cities that are more diverse and impressive air. Due to natural and historical wealth of the town bearing the name of the National Park were covered. Unlike the Roman and Greek cities of Anatolia Solymnler, from its territory.

After the cave of Karain termessos. Located within the borders of yağca village Turkey's largest natural caves of Karain cave. This cave at an altitude of 450 meters from the sea world-wide fame with the start of humanity in the process. Starting from the stone age Chipped bottom, middle-upper Chipped stone age Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze and have been continuous settlement. In the classical period it was used as the Votive Grotto. Finds in the Antalya Museum and is in a Museum near the cave.

Antalya: Panoramic Tour by Cable Car

Price: Per Person 35 Euro

Panoramic Tour by Cable

Olympos mountain, South of Turkey Turkish Riviera and occupies a significant portion of the Taurus is the highest peak. That's great that you make on a gondola trip through the spectacular panoramic views of 2365 meters sea level serileceği the bottom of feet on a height.

After the Hotel Antalya passing through the National Park on the way to the lower cable car station you will be able to watch a beautiful view. Once she got to the modern cable car, the 80-seat cabin and then will start the journey of 4.359 meters! 10 minutes to look at the snow-covered mountains, quiet in the cable car navigation. When you land the Tahtali (2365 m) Breathtaking views of Antalya that appears from the Summit you will leave the fans to him.

Steep rock slopes and can be a pleasant walk among the pine forests or serene turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, watching this beauty, you can get enough of. After about 2 hours the lower course of the return made to the station.

Natural Beauties Waterfalls Tour

Price: Per Person 35 Euro

Natural Beauties Waterfalls Tour

Antalya Hotels with a full-day excursions in your nature trip. On the slopes of the Taurus Mountains, extending from the Mediterranean Sea rivers, the head of the Antalya region is created as see various waterfalls.

Duden Coastal Şelâlesi Lâra Beach. Under the airport as the location on the beach in lush edited Duden Park beautiful. South-East of the city centre at an altitude of 40 metres from the Sea Cliff Sinkhole Tea is poured. Antalya is one of the iconic nature of beauty.

Located within the Park provides visitors with exquisite waterfalls watching terraces, cliffs and offers views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of important stopover point for boat trips. At the rear of the Duden waterfall Tea on the restaurants and tea gardens.

Kursunlu waterfall natural park Antalya Aksu County located within the boundaries of the visitor with its natural beauty is a place makes its own fans. D685 Antalya-Isparta State is reached through the Dardanelles Strait. Kurşunlu waterfall is 20 km from the city center of Antalya. The trip takes approximately 25 minutes by private car. Kursunlu Waterfall in access by public transportation. Like other nature parks in the entrance fee required here.

Kursunlu Şelalesinin all around, occupies the trail for about half an hour or 45 minutes ' walk from the hotel. Waterfall relax as it is a trip to your visit. On the way back I have to climb a bit, but the rest of the areas along the way. Located in a great number of fish ponds in the Park and these are easily monitored by browsing. At the same time, draws attention with its rich fauna park.

Kursunlu waterfall natural park in places to eat and drink, snack bar, gift shops, camera battery, you can get the following images on the map, book shops and a toilet.

Kursunlu waterfall natural park region which gives its name to the presence of large and small waterfall maki formation, contain beautiful examples of flora, fauna and especially the beauty of an extraordinary landscape with Lake nilüferli. Red pine, Platanus, Laurel, Wild olive, mastic tree, Hawthorn Oleander creates major vegetation. Gadwall, Mallard duck, Coot, grouse, Cormorant, Chaffinch, Snipe, pig, Fox, Rabbit, marten in the area, and the main living wild animals.

Demre, Myra and Kekova Tour

Price: Per Person  40.00 Euro

Demre, Myra and Kekova Tour

Impressive Lycian rock tombs was destroyed with the town of Myra in Anatolia, to visit one of the most beautiful places to travel. Father Christmas has become a model for the ancient Amphitheater dedicated to Saint guy and see the St. Nicholas Church.

A boat tour of kekova island along the sea. Under the clear waters, two thousand years ago, the earthquake affected you can see the remains of Simena. An ancient cemetery where many glorious Tomb before discovering in face turquoise waters, pirates preferred. Filled with spectacular natural beauty and fascinating history join a day!

Aspendos & Side Tour

Price: Per Person  35.00 Euro


Pamphilya is one of the leading cities of Perge, 18 km east of Antalya, Kestros (Aden) 4 km to the West of the river is a broad plain between the two hills. This is a great modern day city planners plan established even jealous Perge still is the most important ancient Mediterranean region is an area of the excavation. The name comes from the ancient Anatolian language known to Perge. Provides the advantage of Perge, the river kestros throughout its history and from the sea, 12 km away, but are preserved, as well as a pirate attack on the port city as çalışabilmiştir. As the first who came to Perge majestic structure with the 13,000-seat Greek-Roman Theatre. As soon as the theater right next to the road 34 X 334 meters in ancient times one of the best preserved surviving Stadium. In the Hellenistic period, surrounded by city walls and protection of the city wall on the 12 – 13 m high towers were built. Pamphilya is written in the most spectacular Roman baths of Perge and visitors this day working and heating of the bath gözlemleyebilmektedir. Monumental gate, monumental fountains, unique structure, the agora, the middle of the crossing from North to South, the city of water canal and the surrounding dükkânlarıyla fascinating Column just a few of the noteworthy monument Street. Due to the subsequent disintegration of the Empire issues weakened Perge, increasing towards the middle of the 7th century Arab invasion, against beauty and was abandoned.

45 km. East of Antalya, Köprüçay (Eurymedon) located right next to the river on a hillside at an altitude of. Hittite inscriptions "Asitawada" referred to as the city's history. the city began as an Acropolis in 3000 years. Just like the ship transportation such as Perge Eurymedon tea due to a previous period in BC to provide trade gained importance and as the city grew. By the time rivers with silt and impossible city sea transportation ships silting 6 km. remained inside. The most important works from the city of Aspendos, a 2nd century BC as a result of the contest, built by architect Zenon 15,000-seat theater. Aspendos Theater these days is the world's best preserved and has the best acoustics are regarded as ancient theatre. Theatre from 12th century the Seljuks by kervansaraya translated and until recently was used as a caravanserai, and thus remain intact up to the present. Today, every year the premiere Film and music festival, Antalya International Opera and Ballet Festival and various artistic performances Aspendos ancient theatre. Aspendos antique city to date one of the most important remains reached the city from the mountains and valleys of Taurus Mountains 25 km aqueducts that brought water. This structure according to the system United containers today Roman water canal is considered one of the world's no..

"Nar" means in ancient Anatolian language of Side BC. 1400 there since the Persians and Lydians, respectively, Alexander the great, Antiogonos, Ptolemies, it is known that recognizes its sovereignty. Syria in the region, Roman and Byzantine Egemenlikleri in the period of constantly evolving Side MS. V. – VI. The twelfth and thirteenth centuries lived its most spectacular. A speciality of the two most beautiful example of the colonnaded Street, the history of Anatolia's largest monumental fountain, still surrounded by 100 x 100 m. in a monumental portico as agora, gymnasium Relinked and theaters of antiquity in the distinctive architecture of the single Side Theatre fascinates visitors structures between just a few of the Side's wealth. The ruins of the historic Side settled between today's Side until this historical richness of extraordinary beaches and the peninsula is a center of attraction of natural beauty.