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Who Should Attend

Kim Neden KatılmalıANKOSLink 2019 is an international conference where every possible resource to help you stay abreast of latest trends, design new services and improve service quality comes together under one roof.

ANKOSLink 2019 offers the platform where firms can introduce themselves and their products. In parallel to this rich exhibition, it also features an academic program presenting most recent developments in the sector. Distinguished speakers will talk about issues that shape the future

Users of Interested in Solutions for Industries
Library Databases LMS Publishing
Journal Packages Discovery Services Library Furniture
E-Books Integrated Library Systems Learning and Teaching Technologies
Onlinde Learning / Distance Education RFID Library Automation and Security
Archiving E-Resources Digitization Open Access
Open Access Budget Planning and Management Implementations of E-Resource Management
Cooperation and Resource Sharing E-Resource Management Industries  
Staff Exchange    



ANKOS Link 2019 for Information Professionals

Hear from industry leaders

ANKOSLink 2019 is a critical event for information professionals in any academic and research libraries, as well as in archives and even in museums. Information professionals involved in all facets of their organization gather to share information, learn, and network.

Meet peers from sector

At ANKOSLink 2019, connections with people who understand your challenges can be made. These are the publishers, providers of online information, educators.

Something for everyone

ANKOSLink 2019 offers something for information professionals at every level, from executive to students.

ANKOS Link 2019 is the annual must attend event for:

  • Information professionals
  • Librarians
  • Librarianship students
  • Learning And Teaching Offices
  • Technologs
  • Information managers
  • Archivists
  • Academicians
  • Publishers and providers of online information …