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  • ANKOSLink2022 International Conference | Result of Best Practices

    Mardin Artuklu University Library Documentation Department in the category of "Effective marketing methods for electronic resources"

    The studies of Balıkesir University Library Documentation Department were chosen as the best practice in the category of “Creating electronic resource collection and budget management”.

    Unfortunately, no application was received in the category of "monitoring and reporting the transformation of electronic resource use into research output".

    Congratulations again to the libraries for their work.

  • Best Practices in Academic Libraries

    ANKOSLink2022 International Conference will be held between November 21st-24th 2022 at Asteria Kremlin Palace Hotel Conference Hall in Antalya with the main theme of "Inequality and Sustainability in Access to Information". As a part of ANKOSLink2022 International Conference, there will be a competition on electronic resources titled ‘’ Best Practices in Academic Libraries’’. At the end of the competition, top three contestants will be rewarded with the opportunity to present at the conference, plaque and accommodation at Kremlin Palace Hotel. Contestants that will participate in the competition should send their applications to between the dates specified below.

    Goals of the Competition:

    Increasing knowledge sharing and cooperation between institutions.

    Making good practices visible

    Building a foundation for skills, abilities and efficiency

    Contributing to the decision-making process based on experiences and innovations

    Improving the problem-solving capabilities of libraries

    Spreading a culture of learning and sharing.

    Topics of the Competition:

    Creating e-resource collection and budget management

    Effective methods of marketing for electronic resources

    Monitoring and reporting the transformation process of electronic resource usage into research output

    Terms and Conditions of the Competition:

    Implementation of best practice in an ANKOS member institution library

    Application must be made from an ANKOS member institution

    The topics for good practice is limited to the issues mentioned above

    Good practice plan should be max two pages long

    Each ANKOS member can participate the competition with one application.


    First Announcement: September 26th 2022

    Application Dates: September 26th – October 15th 2022

    Evaluation of the Applications: October 16th – 22nd 2022

    Announcement of Results: October 24th 2022

    Presentation: October 24th 2022


    Applications for the competition titled ‘’Best Practices in Academic Libraries’’ will be evaluated by ANKOSLink2022 International Conference program committee.

    The top three good practices chosen by the committe will be awarded with the opportunity to present at the conference, plaque and accommodation at Kremlin Palace Hotel.



    An opportunity to present at ANKOSLink2022 International Conference

    Accommodation at Kremlin Palace Hotel

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  • Invitation from ANKOS President

    ANKOS Başkanı

    Dear Members, Colleagues and Stakeholders,

    It’s my great honor and pleasure to invite you to our annual event, ANKOSLink International Conference. Hosting over 500 participants and nearly 60 companies every year, The ANKOSLink International Conference is the most important publishing and librarianship event of our country and region. Through its network, ANKOSLink International Conference brings together national and international university libraries and public libraries, information professionals, scientists, publishers, information and technology companies. ANKOSLink follows the latest developments in publishing and librarianship through its fairs and academic programs. ANKOSLink is a dynamic platform that problems and solutions in librarianship and publishing are discussed.

    In 2022, ANKOSLink International Conference will be held between 21-24th of November at the Asteria Kremlin Palace Hotel Convention Center in Antalya. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘’Inequality and Sustainability in Access to Information’’. The resource management, productivity and sharing has become the most important subjects since unexpected Covid-19 pandemic, and post-pandemic global economic crisis and regional wars. This situation further increases the importance of consortium organizations such as ANKOS. In this context, ANKOS makes great efforts for sustainable information services and develops library applications. ANKOS organizes international events such as ANKOSLink, where all stakeholders come together.

    In this conference that will last for three days, topics such as open science and open access, open educational resources, data management, interoperability, blockchain technologies, digital transformation and new digital trends, crisis management, equality in access to information, professional issues, new learning platforms, economic sustainability, sustainability in access to information, sustainable digital preservation, developments in publishing, and good practices in libraries will be discussed.

    I sincerely thank all ANKOS Volunteers, especially the ANKOS Board of Directors, who contributed to the organization of ANKOSLink2022 International Conference and the Program Committee that created the academic content and our members and stakeholders, and offer my greetings to meet in Antalya.


    İsmail ÇETİNKAYA

    President of ANKOS