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Best Practices in Academic Libraries

Best Practices in Academic Libraries

ANKOSLink2022 International Conference will be held between November 21st-24th 2022 at Asteria Kremlin Palace Hotel Conference Hall in Antalya with the main theme of "Inequality and Sustainability in Access to Information". As a part of ANKOSLink2022 International Conference, there will be a competition on electronic resources titled ‘’ Best Practices in Academic Libraries’’. At the end of the competition, top three contestants will be rewarded with the opportunity to present at the conference, plaque and accommodation at Kremlin Palace Hotel. Contestants that will participate in the competition should send their applications to between the dates specified below.

Goals of the Competition:

  • - Increasing knowledge sharing and cooperation between institutions.
  • - Making good practices visible
  • - Building a foundation for skills, abilities and efficiency
  • - Contributing to the decision-making process based on experiences and innovations
  • - Improving the problem-solving capabilities of libraries
  • - Spreading a culture of learning and sharing.

Topics of the Competition:

  • - Creating e-resource collection and budget management
  • - Effective methods of marketing for electronic resources
  • - Monitoring and reporting the transformation process of electronic resource usage into research output

Terms and Conditions of the Competition:

  • - Implementation of best practice in an ANKOS member institution library
  • - Application must be made from an ANKOS member institution
  • - The topics for good practice is limited to the issues mentioned above
  • - Good practice plan should be max two pages long
  • - Each ANKOS member can participate the competition with one application.


First Announcement: September 26th 2022

Application Dates: The application process has been completed. Thank you for your attention.

Evaluation of the Applications: October 22nd – 29th 2022

Announcement of Results: November 1st 2022

Presentation: October 24th 2022


  • - Applications for the competition titled ‘’Best Practices in Academic Libraries’’ will be evaluated by ANKOSLink2022 International Conference program committee.
  • - The top three good practices chosen by the committe will be awarded with the opportunity to present at the conference, plaque and accommodation at Kremlin Palace Hotel.


  • - Plaque
  • - An opportunity to present at ANKOSLink2022 International Conference
  • - Accommodation at Kremlin Palace Hotel

Result of Best Practices

Mardin Artuklu University Library Documentation Department in the category of "Effective marketing methods for electronic resources"

The studies of Balıkesir University Library Documentation Department were chosen as the best practice in the category of “Creating electronic resource collection and budget management”.

Necmettin Erbakan University Library Documentation Department in the category of "monitoring and reporting the transformation of electronic resource use into research output".

Congratulations again to the libraries for their work.