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  • Invitation from ANKOS President

    ANKOS BaşkanıDear Colleagues, Members, and Stakeholders,

    On behalf of the ANKOS 2021-2023  Steering Commitee, we are so deligthed and extend our greetings to welcome you to our face-to-face international conference, which will be held on 22-25 November 2021 after two years. We had to cancel our ANKOSLink2020 meeting, which we completed all our preparations for the last year. In March 2020 due to the pandemic crisis that affected the whole world, and we had  completed some of the meeting content online last year. Despite the difficult times that we have experienced in pandemic, this process has provided us with many opportunities in terms of the digital structuring of the information world and has given us the opportunity to experience it. We have planned to offer you a high-level and comprehensive ANKOSLink conference to meet your growing and changing needs and expectations in information services.

    We have decided  the main theme of this year's conference is New Generation Solutions in Digital Knowledge Structures. Within the scope of this theme scientific subjects will be about:

    Open Science, Open Access and Open Data, Smart Libraries, Importance of Data Management in Research Processes, Research Universities and Research Libraries, Interoperability, Blockchain Technologies, Post-Covid-19 User Services, Applications and Solutions in Multidisciplinary Fields, Digital Solutions and New Trends, Digital Transformation and Collaboration, Crisis Management in the Digital World, Digital Equality and Access, Digital Visuality and Services, Digital User Relations and Solutions, E-Learning (Change / Awareness / Transformation / Opportunities and Threats), Next Generation Solutions, Libraries as a Service Category- Librarians, Collaboration Technologies, Collaborative Learning, Voice of the User-Librarians', Information Accessibility in the Pandemic, Distance Working Models, Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies, Metadata: Data Organization, Data Mining, Data Management Plans and Strategies, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, New Information Systems, New Knowledge Structures that we present with panels, oral presentations and poster sessions. The programme will offer you a productive, informative  and successfull congress content that provides valuable learning, networking oppurtinites with practical experience.

    We  want thank everyone who helped make it success  of the ANKOSLink 2021 International Conference, and we are so honored to see   all our colleagues, members and stakeholders at our meeting which promises to be an important and interactive event. Hope to meet you again in Antalya.

    Sincerely yours,

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Güssün GÜNEŞ 

    President of ANKOS