Conference Hashtag #ANKOSLink2021 -


The sponsor agrees to ship at its own risk and expense all articles to be exhibited. Exhibition materials will be received between 15 November 2021 and 21 November 2021 at Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek - Kadriye Mah. Üçkum Tepesi Mevkii Beşgöz Cad. No: 72, D:1, 07525 Serik/Antalya.

All deliveries to your stand must be clearly addressed as follows:
(Exhibitor Name)
(Stand Number)
ANKOSLink 2021

Halil İbrahim Kazancı​ (GSM: +90 (543) 865 10 10 )
Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek
Kadriye Mah. Uckum Tepesi Mevkii,
Besgoz Cad. No: 72/1, Serik,
07525, Antalya, Turkey

Tel  : +90 242 710 44 44

To ease the preperation of the conference bags, we kindly request the packing of such materials seperately with the note "For conference bags" clearly typed on the box.

Please note that early receipt of promotional materials causes logistic problem at the hotel site. Precaution must be taken by the exhibitor.

In case the materials stuck at the Turkish customs (not common), exhibitor will be contacted and be asked for a confirmation about the payment for the customs clearance fee.
Action won’t be taken unless the payment will be done. 3 days must be envisaged for international shipment for possible custom procedures.

After the conference, the exhibitor should make sure that the shipment has clear address and instruction on it.